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Want to wake up looking and feeling refreshed each day? Debra M. Pease offers a solution - Permanent Cosmetics! Located in Grand Junction, Colorado, Debra performs permanent makeup application with professionalism, artistic eye, and experience necessary to help you enhance your natural beauty.

Debra Pease is a highly respected Cosmetologist, Aesthetician, Permanent Makeup Artist, and advanced Lash Artist with over 16 yeas of experience in the the beauty industry. Her passion for helping people look and feel beautiful with color, artisty and unwavering attention to detail have brought the blessing of success to her business.

Today, combining her years of experience and dedicated on-going advanced education and color theory knowledge her clients can be assured they are in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable artist!



Permanent Makeup goes by many other names; permanent cosmetics, micropigmetation, cosmetic tattooing and dermagraphics, to name a few. Whatever term you prefer, it is the enhancement of the face or skin. Specially formulated pigments that are hypo-allergenic and natural looking are implanted into the first layers of the skin.

Pigments are available in a variety of colors and shades; they can be basic or trendy colors. Traditionally permanent cosmetic pigments are lighter, with earth tones. Touch ups normally are advised about every three to five years. How long permanent makeup lasts depends on skin tone, environmental factors, exfoliation, and body chemistry. Each person is different.

Debra Pease follows the strictest hygiene and sterilization procedures. All equipment is sterile, including the use of disposable needles. Only the highest quality machines and pigments are used for permanent makeup application. Strict OSHA and CDC guidelines are followed and we are inspected by our local health department each year.


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